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Anime Comics

Considering that not everyone gets to see all the movies or TV shows when they are first shown, and also taking advantage of the fact that much of Japanese urban life is spent on the train, Fujimishobo started to release Anime Comics. These comics overlay text on top of still-frames from the anime features - it usually works out pretty well. (Psst... they're also a -great- aid in translating anime...)

Slayers RETURN

Slayers RETURN Anime Comic

First released November 11, 1996 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-8025-0, 1000 yen; 160 pages, all-color.

Comic adaptation of the Slayers RETURN movie.
Slayers GREAT

Slayers Great Anime Comic

First released October 10, 1997 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-8038-2, 1000 yen; 160 pages, all-color.

Comic adaptation of the Slayers Great movie.

Slayers Gorgeous Anime Comic

First released November 10, 1998 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-7401-3, 1200 yen; 176 pages, 160 in color.

Comic adaptation of the Slayers Gorgeous movie. Includes B&W section with production art and character designs.
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