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The art of the main illustrator of Slayers, Rui Araizumi, is collected in two books, which can only begin to capture the dynamics of the artist. Rui Araizumi also has other works apart from Slayers, but they are not exhibited in these books - indeed, there's so much art for Slayers you can't even cram it into these two books! Since there's almost no Japanese in these books, aside from the intro text and the closing words, they're a must-buy for any die-hard Slayers fan!


Araizumi-Gessha: SLAYERS

First released July 30, 1996 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-9118-X, 2000 yen; 136 pages, 88 in color.

The vast majority of Araizumi-sensei's work up to this point was done for the novels themselves; many of the color works presented are covers for the novels, while the monochrome illustrations were included within the novels themselves. Many of the works, though, were also done for magazine illustrations and covers. A very interesting mix of styles shows the complete progression and development of Lina's style throughout the early years of Slayers.

Araizumi-Gessha: SLAYERS DRA-MATA

First released August 6, 1998 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-8036-6, 980 yen; 112 pages, 80 in color.

Araizumi-sensei's second Slayers artbook picks up where the first left off, throwing in more images from the various anime features, as well as the CD's and Slayers Hyper multimedia features. The book also collects some of the artwork which was originally drawn for Slayers DX, without the extra text that was added on. Plus, for you Filia-Vargarv fans out there, there's a picture or two that were created especially for this book...


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