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After his work illustrating the novels, Rui Araizumi started drawing the manga (Japanese word for comic) adaptation of Slayers. After a six-issue miniseries, the torch was passed on to Shouko Yoshinaka, and the manga series "Mega-Explosive Magical Legend Slayers (Chou-Baku-Mahou-den SUREIYAAZU) was born! CPM Manga has brought Rui Araizumi's series to the US in the form of six individual issues, as well as a convenient graphic novel format; as of this moment, I had not heard whether CPM Comics has an official stance on bringing Ms. Yoshinaka's manga over. In the meantime, though, there's a few pages of Ms. Yoshinaka's manga to look at, translated...

You should be able to find most of the manga volumes at Nikaku Animart, Book Mart (used), or one of the other stores. Check the Anipike for more listings..


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