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Slayers Movie Guides

Each of these books is a little different, but they each cover the material in their respective movies. Like the other anime books, these books typically give a pictorial synopsis of the movie, along with a short section for production sketches and interviews.

Slayers: The Motion Picture Guide

Slayers : The Motion Picture

First released June 1, 1996 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-7308-4, 1500 yen; 96 pages, 48 in color.

The color section starts off with a few pages of "pin-up" pictures detailing the major characters, then launches into a 30-page pictorial summary of the movie. Afterwards are interviews, character sketches, a neat mini-comic, and pictures of the promotional merchandise sold for the movie.
Slayers RETURN

Slayers RETURN

First released May 10, 1997 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-7334-3, 1500 yen; 102 pages, 54 in color.

This book is much like the book for the first movie, with more auxilliary information. In addition to the movie synopsis is a list of all the spells used - which number quite large - along with a lot more interviews. There's also a lot of frame-by-frame pictures for the sillier scenes.
Slayers GREAT

Slayers GREAT

First released November 10, 1997 by Fujimishobo
ISBN4-8291-7353-X, 1500 yen; 102 pages, 54 in color.

The story summary in this book doesn't seem to be extensive, but maybe it's because there's a TON more images in it. In addition to reviewing the movie, the book also dedicates a few pages to the Slayers Special OVA series, since they hadn't had books of their own yet, as well as the Slayers Royal game and the Slayers Hyper multimedia CD-ROMs. Character sketches and interviews are also present, as to be expected.
Slayers Gorgeous (Official Program)

Slayers Gorgeous (Official Program)

First released July 1, 1998 by Fujimishobo
No ISBN, 600 yen; 16 pages, full-color.

This isn't really a guidebook like the others, but was rather sold at the theatre where the movie was being shown. It has a summary of the movie, but it's really short (c'mon, the book's only 16 pages!). The interviews are really short too, but at least it's got a bunch of neat color pictures. :)
Slayers Gorgeous Fan Book

Slayers Gorgeous Fan Book

First released July 1, 1998 by Fujimishobo
No ISBN, 1500 yen; 16 pages, full-color.

This isn't really a guidebook, either; as a special promotion, advance tickets to Slayers Gorgeous were being sold with either this fanbook, or a special-edition Lina stamper. As the book was released a month before the movie's premiere, not too much info is given about the plot, but character designs are revealed. The majority of the book is a promotional for the other Slayers merchandise, including the Slayers novels, comics, video releases, and the then-new Slayers Excellent OVA's.

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