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Movie 3

(Pic of Piko-Piko Lina-chan) Lina and Naga are eating when the movie starts. No kidding. This time, though, it's a to-go meal of kabobs, and they're walking along a street lined with small shops, many of which stock a curious kind of self-animate golem-toys. One of the golems, shaped like a bull, isn't quite so little, and isn't a toy - it's stampeding through the streets, heading right towards Lina and Naga! Just when it's about to trample over the two, as well as an innocent bystander who tripped in its path, Lina and Naga a team-up Dam Brass spell and blow the bull into the stratosphere.

That's good for the innocent bystander, at least until Lina and Naga start tagging along behind her. Oh, no, they don't want a reward or anything. No, really! The girl, named Laia Einberg, starts panicking and running away from the two sorceresses, but they have no trouble matching her pace. Resignedly, she takes them both with her to the diner where she works.

There, the pair learns about the magic which is used to bring the town's trademark golem-toys to life. Lina and Naga each try their hand at sculpting a toy. Lina's a klutz at art of any kind, though, while Naga is quite deft at bringing her warped mind's creations to fruition. They end up fighting, to which Laia is again brought to tears...

But Lina and Naga are STILL tagging along, hoping for a better reward. Laia introduces the pair to her father and brother. Laia's brother Huey becomes stricken by Naga's beauty, while Laia's father Garia decides to use Lina as the model for a golem, to be used in the town's upcoming golem competition. Lina, of course, agrees to anything that will make her more famous and/or beautiful in the public mindset. Laia's just left wondering where they're going to get the money for a new golem, or the money to feed the two new houseguests, since neither Garia nor Huey seems to be earning their keep as of late.

Lest this become too little grand of a plot, though, there are larger forces at work in the movie. Two feuding lords, Lord Heissen and Lord Granion, are each sponsoring the tournament, taking opposite sides in order to best one another. Each hopes to create an army of golems to rise up and completely obliterate the domain of the other. Lord Granion hopes to employ the good-hearted Garia, and sends a magician to meet him. He's up to no good, though, and Lina and Naga enter a confrontation with him, easily defeating him. When they return home, they find Garia in conversation with Lord Heissen.

Huey, like his father, is also a talented sculptor, but his father disagrees with Huey's ideal of beauty, taking a hammer to one of his most recent works in a fit of rage one night. Huey gets irritated and storms out of the house, where he is recruited to work for Lord Granion's team. He returns to the house shortly afterwards, destroying Garia's precious golem-kiln equipment and running off. Laia, naturally, just sees her money being wasted in the process...

Naga chases after the saboteur, as does Lina; both of the two encounter Granion's assistant, who tries to persuade the two into joining Granion's cause. Lina naturally objects, and expects Naga to as well. Naga, though, already feels she would get a good deal out of the arrangement, and takes Huey and Granion's side, entering a rather heated battle with Lina. When it comes down to it, though, it's not who has the more powerful magic, but who ends up with the last hit - which ends up being Naga's.

The day of the tournament approaches, and Garia spends all night building his final golem. Unfortunately, it's built around Lina's bed, and she awakes to find herself in the belly of the beast - er, golem, we should say. Garia later explains that he didn't have any more magical clay, thanks to Huey's sabotage, and needed a mage's abilities in order to power the huge golem. There was no time to try convincing Lina to do it, so he just built the golem around her, leaving her without a choice.

Lina's golem arrives at the tournament with a flourish, leaping onto the battlefield ala Godzilla, with one startling difference: Godzilla wasn't ever this cute, or super-deformed. Apparently, while Lina was envisioning her golem to look like a greek goddess, Garia was imagining more of a wind-up toy. Huey, though, had a quite different approach to his golem - he built it to look almost exactly like Naga. Garia's golem, Piko-Piko Lina-chan, has squeaky shoes, but Huey's golem, dubbed Grand Goddess, has... um... bounce. (How he did that with supposedly dried clay remains a mystery, though...) But what about the power source? Huey counted on Naga's greed to lure her into his golem, so now there's a powerful sorceress in each golem.

(Pic of the fight)

The battle begins! There's just one problem, though - Piko-Piko Lina-chan's about half the height of Grand Goddess, and her limbs are so short she can't even hit the other. Lina gets really ticked off at this, and tries unleashing spells at the inner walls of her walking prison, only to have them be absorbed and re-routed out the other end. The golems unique magical properties mean that they absorb magic, so Lina's destructive spells are useless for getting her out of there.

More fighting between the golems ensues, eventually leading to Piko-Piko Lina-chan getting a big whack on the head, sending her flying backwards. Lina channels an explosive spell through her golem, triggering an earth explosion underneath it to stand the poor golem back up, but Grand Goddess smacks it back down, poking a large hole in the back of Piko-Piko Lina-chan's head! Lina's free, and in her rage, the first thing she can think to do is end the battle on her terms, which can mean only one thing...


Lina wins, neutralizing both Grand Goddess and Piko-Piko Lina-chan, as well as making a giant crater out of the battlefield -- and the town which Granion and Heissen had been fighting for. Now, of course, there's just one thing left to do...


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