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The Slayers World

Information translated by Yuu-chan from the Encyclopedia Slayers; edited by Xelloss

(Diagram of the Four Worlds)
Diagram from Slayers TRY Collection #2, page 79

A World Resting on Top of the Sea of Chaos

Nobody knows how long ago or for how long the Sea of Chaos has existed. Projecting from the Sea of Chaos are four "staffs," and Slayers takes place on one of these staffs.

(ed: Hajime Kanzaka's other major work, Lost Universe, takes place on another plane, with Dark Star and Vorfeed.)

Until the passing of Hellmaster Fiblizo, the part of the world where Lina's adventures took place was sealed off from the rest of the world by a "god-sealing field." Since there is not much data on the world outside of the field, what will be explained here is the worldview held by the people within the field.

The Existence of Gods and Mazoku

On each of the "staffs," there is a God and a Demon Lord. The God, striving to protect the staff holding up the world, and the Demon Lord, trying to take control of the staff, are at odds. In Lina's world, both God and Demon king fell into submission with neither force being victorious. However, both forces are not truly dead, but have left behind parts of themselves: these are the Mazoku and the Gods (shinzoku).

What the Claire Bible Says About the World

In the world of Slayers, there exists something called a Claire Bible. Originally, this was the Water Dragon Lord's knowledge, which continues to exist as a dimensional warp after his defeat.

Simply put, this is like a huge database of knowledge about the world. Because of that, the Claire Bible cannot answer questions like "Who's thinking what?" but it can reveal any knowledge possessed by the Gods. The information from the Claire Bible implies that the previous worldview held by people is wrong, due to the fact that the Claire Bible says the Sea of Chaos is not a "place" but instead is a "being." This means that the "staffs" and the "worlds" are only parts of the Sea of Chaos...

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