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Slayers has come a long way from its humble beginnings in back issues of Dragon Magazine (the Japanese one, not TSR's mag in the US). Novels, manga series, and the latest anime comics and artbooks have made their way onto the scene, and this site will strive to get as many of them online as possible! And for the benefit of English-speakers, Yuu-chan has begun translating/summarizing the novel series which started it all!

(novel series, 15 volumes)
[Slayers Special]
(prequel novel series, up to 16)
[Slayers Delicious]
(prequel novel series, up to 5?)
(Comic series by Rui Araizumi)
(Comic series by Shoko Yoshinaka)
(Comic series by Tommy Ohtsuka)
(The collected art of Rui Araizumi)
(Background material for Slayers)
Anime Comics
(Comic adaptations of the anime)
Magius RPG
(Slayers adapatation of the MAGIUS roleplaying system)

The Slayers books are available in a variety of places. Some, like the artbooks and guidebooks, are relatively easy to find at online stores such as AnimeNation and Nikaku Animart. Others (like the novels and RPG books) are a bit harder to find, requiring that icky import process. If you don't mind used books, try Book Mart - most of the anime comics can be found here. As a possible last resort, use the ISBN numbers found on this site and special-order the books from a shop like Kinokuniya. You might want to try visiting the shopping guides at the Anipike also.


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