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Filia ul Copt


(Written by Carmen Spray, 6/2001)

A priestess of the Gold Dragons, Filia is sent forth from a temple in the 'outside world' as an emissary of the Dragon race. Her initial mission is to gather a team of heroes to prevent the prophecy of the resurrection of Dark Star from becoming a reality. Initially hoping for the help of Luna Inverse, whom she believed was the most powerful sorceress in the land, Filia was somewhat disappointed to be turned down. Instead, Luna referred Filia to her kid sister, Lina Inverse...

Filia is still quite young as dragons go - she's very tempermental. While she usually sports a quiet, dignified appearance, it isn't hard to get Filia enraged. At such times her dragon's tail tends to pop out and wave about. Filia also keeps a rather large, and rather heavy, mace strapped to her leg just for the purpose of, er... let's say 'punishing' people who irritate her.

Some people have an easier time annoying Filia than others - Xelloss, for example, can often get Filia riled up just by smiling at her. Filia's horrified to learn that Lina keeps association with Mazoku- particularly THAT Mazoku. There is that whole thing about Xelloss singlehandedly exterminating most of the Gold Dragons during the Mazoku War some thousand or so years ago, after all... The Ryuzoku and Mazoku are ancient adversaries, and Filia's instinctive reaction to Xelloss is to curse him and call him 'namagomi' (raw garbage!). For some reason, this slanderous euphemism works surprisingly well.

Besides creative insults, Filia is also skilled in the use of dragon-magic. Her natural form is that of an adolescent dragon, but she has mastered transformation magics that allow her to appear as a human being. As a dragon, she can fly, and has refined her dragons' breath into a finely-tuned blast of pure energy.

Filia has an unnerving air of condescendence, in some cases. She seems to think that her opinion is the only correct one, and that only those who agree with her are making sense. She will listen to intelligently-delivered alternatives, but for the most part once she makes a decision, that's the one that should be adhered to- in her opinion. However, some of this seeming arrogance really has to do with her vast naivete.

Kept ideologically sheltered her entire life, Filia is largely innocent when it really comes down to brass tacks. Unaware of much of the truth of the Gold Dragon races' history, Filia is first stubbornly disbelieving, then shocked and outraged by what she learns along the course of her journey. As she comes to feel great sympathy for Valgarv, the renegade Dragon/Mazoku servant of Gaav, she begins to question her teachings, the righteousness of the Gold Dragons, and even her Elder directly- things are no longer as clear to her as they seemed at the beginning.


Full Name: Filia ul Copt *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Firia * (katakana)
Hiria * (katakana)
Also known as: "that cute dragon-girl"
Sex: Female
Blood Type: Unknown / Not Applicable
Hometown: Unknown
Accomplishments: Unknown
Specialty: Dragon Lore
Voice Actress (Japanese):
Kuwashima Houko
Tara Jayne
Appearances: Slayers TRY (TV Series)
Relatives: Unknown


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