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Gourry Gabriev

Gourry Gabriev

When Lina Inverse destroyed the Dragon no Kiba (Dragon's Fang) gang, and was later encountered by a small array of vengeful bandits, Gourry Gabriev jumped in to save her. Though Lina appreciated the offer, she initially opted against accepting Gourry as a bodyguard, but Gourry's big-brotherly nature prevented him from acting otherwise. Gourry, dense as a brick, saw Lina as a younger girl in need of protection, and thus, he offered it.

Gourry is the owner of the most powerful sword known to man, the mysterious Sword of Light. The Sword of Light channels its users intentions into energy, usually taking the form of a gleaming blade of light. Gourry has learned how to utilize the sword's energy in different forms, though, most notably the power of swinging it quickly downwards to form energy beam projectiles.

Gourry is the swordsman of the group, and acts the role very well. He's single-minded in his protection of Lina, and even after helping Lina defeat Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, he has resolved to follow Lina around wherever she goes. Supposedly, he has nothing better to do, and perhaps still sees himself as her guardian.


Full Name: Gourry Gabriev *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Gaurry * (Slayers Royal)
Gaurrie (?)
Gaudy (Soft.Sculp. www)
Gaorii Gaburiefu * (katakana)
Also known as: Lina's protector / bodyguard
Sex: Male
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Unknown
Accomplishments: Assisted in the destruction of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, Lord of Darkness
Specialty: Unknown
Voice Actor (Japanese):
Matsumoto Yasunori
Eric Stuart
Appearances: Slayers 1st TV Series
Slayers NEXT (TV Series)
Slayers TRY (TV Series)
Slayers: Legend of Darkness #1-3, #5 (Manga)
Slayers: Dragon Comics Special (Manga)
Slayers (Super Famicom game)
Slayers Royal (Sega Saturn game)
Relatives: Rowdy Gabriev?
One brother


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