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Zelgadiss Graywords

Zelgadiss Graywords

When Lina Inverse overthrew the Dragon's Fang bandit gang, one of Zelgadiss' men, Zolf, happened to be stuck inside. And, well, he got incinerated. Needless to say, Zelgadiss was mad. More importantly, though, Lina had gotten a very valuable Orihalcon statue, which was the reason Zolf was there to begin with. Zelgadiss wanted the statue in hopes that it could cure his chimaeric curse.

Only, it didn't quite work out that way. Zelgadiss didn't quite cure himself, even after the whole incident with Rezo, the Red Priest and Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. So, he's still searching for a cure, hoping to find one of the fabled Clair-Bibles in hopes to cure himself. The curse makes him 1/3 golem, 1/3 demon, and 1/3 human, which makes him impervious to most physical weapon such as swords and buckshot, but not to the physical impact of, say, a cannonball.

Zelgadiss is quite self-conscious about his appearance, almost ashamed of it. In fact, he's a very quiet character all around, only speaking when necessary, and only interested in the shortest path to his cure. He also tends to get embarassed easily wherever the topic of romance is brought up.

Zelgadiss is a superb swordsman, having trained many long years. He often enhances his blade with the Astral Vine spell, one of many Shamanist spells at his disposal. He has more or less mastered the Spirit category of Shamanism, having learned its most powerful spell, the Ra-Tilt, among numerous other spells in other categories.


Full Name: Zelgadiss Graywords *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Zelgadis Graywords * (Software Sculptors)
Zelgadis Greywers
Zerugadisu Gureiwaazu * (katakana)
Also known as: Chimaera, bound to Rezo
Sex: Male
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Unknown
Accomplishments: * Partly responsible for downfall of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu
Specialties: Swords
Shamanist / Spirit magic
Voice Actor (Japanese):
Midorikawa Hikaru
Daniel Cronin (ep. 1-13, first season)
Crispin Freeman (ep. 14-26, first season; NEXT)
Appearances: Slayers 1st TV Series
Slayers NEXT (TV Series)
Slayers TRY (TV Series)
Slayers: Legend of Darkness #1-3 (Manga)
Slayers (Super Famicom game)
Slayers Royal (Sega Saturn game)
Relatives: Rezo, the Red Priest (grandfather / great-grandfather)


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