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(written by Carmen Spray, 6/2001)

Probably the most serious and tortured of all the Slayers characters, Valgarv is One Angry Guy- for admittedly justifiable reasons. Beginning his life as Val Agares, an Ancient Dragon, he watched helplessly as the systematic slaughter of his race began. The Ancient Dragons possessed both the powers of light and darkness in equal measure; they were feared for their potential to bring chaos into the world, and were destroyed for it. Val, hunted and wounded, fled for his life as his people burned.

Near collapse in a desert, Val Agares stumbled into the path of Chaos Dragon Gaav- the Mazoku Lord who had himself recently gone renegade. Gaav, amused at the situation, sensed an opportunity. He wasted little time in 'destroying' Val, and recreating him as a Mazoku- renaming him Valgarv. With Gaav's demonic magic flowing through him, Valgarv became strong once more- and like all Mazoku servants, blindly loyal to his new Lord.

Hating humans, Dragons and Mazoku alike, this renegade servant of Gaav now burns to destroy everything in his path- and he certainly has the power to do so. The primary foci of his antagonism are, naturally, Lina Inverse and Xelloss. Valgarv blames both of them for the destruction of Gaav and seems to be unaware that the blame technically belongs to Hellmaster Phibrizo. Even if he knew, he probably wouldn't care. While cunning and competent enough, Valgarv is also just a little bit insane, and the appearance of his enemies can easily distract him. At those times he'll abandon everything else to throw himself into battle headlong- and he doesn't fight lightly, either.

Valgarv has much of Gaav's power and battlelust, joined to his own fearsome strength as an Ancient Dragon. He can hold his own against Xelloss in combat, and even pins Lina to the wall on a few occasions. But the opposition inherent in his dual nature makes him unpredictable, and occasionally quite vulnerable. At times, he thinks more like a Dragon than a Mazoku- usually to his detriment. Like other Mazoku, he can teleport, fight in the astral side, and use focused dark magics. Like Filia, when he's deeply angered parts of his Dragon body appear (in his case, his dark skinned, heavily clawed right arm and black wings). However, he can be damaged by physical attacks, and doesn't regenerate well.

There is a gentler side to Valgarv, oddly enough. He shows surprising kindness to both Gravos and Jiras and earns their unending devotion for it. Even in the depths of his deepest rage he's capable of rational, reasoned conversations, and he also shows some hints of mercy toward Filia. Much of his violence really stems from despair. Everything he ever cared about was mercilessly obliterated, and he feels himself to be utterly spoiled, 'unclean'. So he rages. Ultimately, though, it may be his own destruction that he truly wants as he seeks to wipe the world away...

Valgarv joins forces with Armace, an outworlder, to find the last two of the five talismanic weapons of Dark Star (another of the great Dark Lords, from another world, kindred of Shabranigdu). In return, Armace loans Valgarv the Ravdomeghedis, a weapon analogous to the Sword of Light. However, their alliance is a shaky, unstable one at best.


Full Name: Valgarv *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Varugaavu * (katakana)
Also known as: "Val Agares" (original Dragon name)
Sex: Male
Blood Type: Unknown / Not Applicable
Hometown: Unknown
Accomplishments: Unknown
Specialty: Dragon Lore
Black Magic (Offensive)
Voice Actor (Japanese):
Wataru Takagi
Scottie Ray
Appearances: Slayers TRY (TV Series)
Relatives: Unknown



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