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Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova

Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova

Martina's father, the King of Zoana, tried to take over the Saillune kingdom once by capturing the princess Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune. Only, it didn't work, as Lina and the others foiled her plans and ended up wrecking her kingdom. So, Martina follows Lina around, determined to get her revenge

Thing is, Martina's just not very good at it. In fact, she's not much good at anything aside from her use of curses, which still isn't all that great. She's as clumsy as, if not clumsier than, her counterpart Amelia, and often, she and Amelia lean on each other for support. (Klutzy princesses of the world unite!) Martina often follows the others, making life difficult for them, and sometimes even succeeding.

Martina's also got a habit with becoming easily infatuated with anything that's male. She also worships the Majin (Demon) Zoamel Gustav fervently, whose talisman she always carries around. It's funny, though, since she made up that religion herself, much like she made up the tacky fashion of her pop's kingdom. And, well, by the end of the NEXT series she has fallen for Zelgadiss, Gourry, Xelloss, and Zangulus, and would probably have fallen for Chaos-Dragon Gaav and the Hellmaster if they hadn't been, like, evil to the core and stuff.

All-in-all, Martina's just a foil to everyone else, but she means well in the end. She's just a wee bit selfish, that's all. :)


Full Name: Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova * (Software Sculptors)
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Multina Zoana Mel Navlatirwor *
Maruchina Zoana Meru Naburachirowa * (katakana)
Also known as: Daughter of the King of Zoana
Sex: Female
Blood Type: [unknown]
Hometown: Zoana Kingdom
Accomplishments: * Trips up Lina and the group every so often.
Specialty: Black Magic (Curses)
Voice Actress (Japanese):
Hiiragi Mifuyu
Rachael Lillis
Appearances: Slayers NEXT (TV Series)
Relatives: King of Zoana (father)


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