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Naga the Serpent

Naga the Serpent

Lina Inverse returns to her inn one evening to find it ablaze. It seems that a particular person wished to meet her, and just so decided that Lina was going to be her lifelong rival from that night on. And, pretty much, that's how we meet Naga the Serpent.

As time progresses, Naga makes a name for herself. Granted, it's not exactly "Naga, the greatest and strongest rival of Lina Inverse" as she had hoped, it's more like "Naga, the goldfish's feces" due to the fact that no matter where Lina goes, Naga's right along behind her, just like a goldfish can't get rid of...

In any case, Naga's reputation is (mostly) deserved. Despite her tendencies to run experiments, quite often those which go out of control, she's a quite competent sorceress in her own right. Most people, though (usually guys), aren't concerned with her spellcasting abilities, to say the least. Naga, unlike most over-proportioned anime heroines, doesn't flaunt her assets very often. She's not shy, either, but it seems that, above all else, Naga is proud of herself, to the point of arrogance. Naga has specially developed a laugh of confidence (yes, another infamous Kodachi-laugh(tm) from Ranma 1/2) which strikes fear into the hearts of families across the continent. The whole reason she follows Lina around is that she's afraid that Lina's always looking for treasure behind Naga's back. Indeed, Naga's undoubtedly MUCH more greedy than Lina is - hard to believe, eh? The two just want to have happy lives, it seems.

There is a lot of talk going around as to Naga's true origin - Amelia makes several mentions of a long-lost sister wtih a dreadful laugh and towering proportions. Naga, surprisingly, doesn't talk much about her family, as much as she talks about herself. The fact that Naga and Amelia haven't been around Lina at the same time (not even in Slayers Royal, in which Naga and Gourry 'finally' meet) lends a lot of credence to this particular rumor, though I'm still somewhat skeptical of its accuracy. But then again, they'd both be of royal lineage, they both have similar hair, and they both beat Lina 2-to-1 in physical development. Naga - or someone just like her with different-colored hair - has even been spotted in an episode of the first TV series... I think Amelia pulls a double-take when she walks by.


Full Name: Naga, the Serpent *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Naga, the White Snake
Saapento no Naaga * (katakana)
Shiro-hebi no Naaga * (kanji & katakana)
Also known as: Naga, the goldfish's feces (for following Lina around like...)
Lina's strongest and greatest rival (in her own mind)
Sex: Female
Blood Type: [unknown]
Hometown: Unknown
Accomplishments: * Constantly annoys Lina to no end.
* Aided in the defeat of Galev
Specialty: Summoning magic
Voice Actress (Japanese):
Kawamura Maria
Kelly Manison
Appearances: Slayers: Legend of Darkness #4 (Manga)
Slayers: The Motion Picture
Slayers: Return (Movie)
Slayers G (Movie)
Slayers Special 1-3 (OVA)
Slayers (Super Famicom game)
Slayers Royal (Sega Saturn game)
Relatives: Unknown
Rumored : Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune (sister)
Rumored : Phil el de Saillune (father)


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