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Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse, also called the Dra-Mata (Dragon-Spooker) by people ignorant of her hair-trigger temper, is one of the most powerful users of Black Magic in the Slayers world to date. By the age of seventeen she has so far aided in the downfall of two major demi-gods of darkness, as well as numerous other quests of justice... however, such is the price she pays for her great knowledge.

By the age of fifteen, Lina had already created quite a reputation for herself. Her reputation was so great that she even had fans, or rivals as some might say, one of which tracked down Lina and insisted on traveling with her. This woman's name was Naga. Together the two travelled throughout the countryside, doing odd jobs for people and generally making a living off of vanquishing evil. (Naga's adventures mark the 'Slayers Special' storylines, which are covered in the movies and OVA's.)

For reasons not clear, Naga and Lina parted ways, and later, Lina met Gourry Gabriev. Having conquered the Dragon no Kiba (Dragons' Fang) gang, she found in Gourry a traveling companion. Along the course of their first few adventures together, they gained a few more traveling companions : Zelgadiss, Amelia, Sylphiel, Xelloss, Martina, and Phyria.

Lina Inverse

Lina is pretty much the antithesis of your traditional anime heroine. For one thing, she's not stacked; she's actually rather diminutive in stature. Gourry and less tactful individuals would call her flat-chested, despite the way she's actually drawn in the anime. (Then again, Amelia's fourteen and still bigger than Lina...) But though she looks small, she could easily out-eat just about anyone else her size; indeed, her zeal for food is the primary motivation for many a quest. (Incidentally, most of the first half of the Slayers Next series has opening scenes in a restaurant of some sort...)

Lina's main motivations would definitely seem to be money and power. She has a strong conscience, fighting for truth and justice, but these are largely latent, often overshadowed by greed. Like the fabled Robin Hood, she steals from bandits, but rather than re-distributing the wealth to the poor, Lina keeps it for herself. She fancies herself as the "beautiful genius sorceress Lina Inverse" who does great deeds for justice, and for a good deal of that she's right, but she's definitely not the shining example of justice Amelia hopes to be. Rather, her main objective seems to be getting all the magical power that she can, and learning as much as possible, to keep anyone else from bothering her.

Strong-willed, not much really deters Lina from her goal, not even her friends. Often times, in order to keep the element of surprise, Lina can be found incinerating both foes and friends in a single blast. Lina often wants the quickest, shortest way to her goals as possible, and slowing down to worry about morality or ethics just gets in the way of that. Most often, she keeps a happy smile on her face, despite whatever is going on - getting depressed slows a person down too, so she figures the best way to get stuff done is to be as cheerful as possible, or at least to seem that way. All in all, Lina's got her own act together; in her mind, it's just everyone else who's got a problem.


Full Name: Lina Inverse *
Alternate Spellings:
( * indicates official spellings)
Rina Inverse
Rina Inbaasu * (katakana)
Also known as: Bandit-Killer
Dora-Mata (Dragon Spooker)
Enemy of All Living Things
"that flat-chested, brainless, breastless sorceress"
"the beautiful, genius sorceress Lina Inverse" (in her own mind)
Sex: Female
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Zefielia
Accomplishments: * Destroyed Dragon no Kiba (Dragon's Fang) gang
* Assisted defeat of Joylock, in Mipross
* Primarily responsible for death of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, Lord of Darkness
* Primarily responsible for QUITE a bit of random property destruction
* Assisted defeat of Copy Rezo, Chaos-Dragon Gaav, Fibrizo the Hellmaster, Valgaav, and many many others
* Assisted in the reversal of the re-awakening of Dark Star (Slayers TRY) and Shabranigdu (Slayers Royal)
* ... and MANY more things...
Specialty: Black Magic : Offensive
Shamanism : Fire Magic
Voice Actress (Japanese):
Hayashibara Megumi
Lisa Ortiz (Software Sculptors)
Cynthia Martinez (ADV)
Appearances: Slayers 1st TV Series
Slayers NEXT (TV Series)
Slayers TRY (TV Series)
Slayers: Legend of Darkness #1-5 (Manga)
Slayers: Dragon Comics Special (Manga)
Slayers (Super Famicom game)
Slayers Royal (Sega Saturn game)
Slayers Perfect (The Motion Picture)
Slayers Return
Slayers G (Great)
Slayers Delicious
Relatives: Luna Inverse (Sister)


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