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Characters J-L

(pic) Jeffrey-kun
First Appearance: Slayers Special #2 (OVA)

Jeffrey's been raised to believe that he's a valiant knight in shining armor, but the only truth to that statement is that he's wearing armor, not even polished at that.
(pic) Jiras
First Appearance: Slayers TRY 2

Jiras was also rescued by Valgarv several years ago. Helping a mother and her young child, Jiras is not without compassion, but he DOES have a crazed obsession with the new science of gunpowder.
(pic) Joe
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 15

No one really trusts men who hole them up inside haunted mansions for years on end; in Joe's case, rightfully so. Joe, a master doll-maker, hates humans; it is a rumor that whoever enters his abode is transformed into a puppet.
(pic) Joylock
First Appearance: Slayers : The Motion Picture

Joylock is a transdimensional Mazoku who had caused the small peninsula of Mipross to become separated from the mainland. He was challenged by Rowdy Gabriev for control of the island, a long time ago...
(pic) Kanzeil
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 9

One of the two 'hired' by Christopher to assassinate his brother Phil, Kanzeil is a rather shady character from the get-go. He has mastery over his powers of teleportation, and usually opts to "disguise" himself in the form of a blue-skinned humanoid.
(pic) Keith
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 16

A longtime rivalry with Ruud leads the two to ask for players in a sport which bears a remarkable resemblance to tennis. Indeed, who better for Keith to pull in as a 'ringer' in the sport than the famous tennis star Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova? (Okay, maybe she's NOT a tennis star in the Slayers world, but what difference does it make?)
(pic) Kerel
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #17

Kerel, a human, is deeply in love with Laila, a fish-person.
(pic) Kira
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 10

When Lina's magic fails her, she hears rumors of a magic shop far, far away from Saillune which specializes in healing such ailments. She wasn't expecting to find a little girl named Kira working the cauldron, though...
(pic) Kyanii (Canny?)
First Appearance: Slayers Special #1 (story)

I don't have a clue where Kyanii comes into the storyline - see the Slayers DX book for more information.
(pic) Laia Einberg
First Appearance: Slayers GREAT

Saved by Lina and Naga, she is compelled to take them home with her. Daughter of Garia and sister to Huey, she's the only member of the family who works, so she spends a good deal of time lamenting her ill fortune.
(pic) Laila
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #17

Laila is deeply in love with Kerel, a human.
(pic) Lark
First Appearance: Slayers Royal

Lark is the boy who shows up in Slayers Royal - apparently, he's trying to get the pendant of Lezariam back, because it can be used to resurrect Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, generally considered a 'bad' thing. He has a sister named Rynnea who's been abducted, as well.
(pic) Lina Inverse
First Appearance: Slayers TV #1

"The heroine of this story, she's a heretic genius who is known as everything from 'Robbers killer' to 'someone even a dragon wouldn't mess with.' Her skill with a sword is also above average. Lina's audacity and extreme talent get her mixed up in all kinds of trouble. With 'Villains have no rights' as her motto, she likes to attack bands of thieves and steal their money' - official synopsis on Lina. For more information on the main character of Slayers, check out lina.shtml!
(pic) Lord of Nightmares
First Appearance: ???

The Lord of Nightmares, who commonly takes the form pictured, normally exists as a "lagoon" upon which the four staves of the world rest. The Lord of Nightmares is the creator of the four worlds (see the Background: World page for more information) and rules over all.
(pic) Luna Inverse
First Appearance: ???

Luna is Lina's older sister. It seems that when the two were growing up in Zefielia, times were tough, so Luna took a part-time job waitressing. Lina thought she would help out by making "projections" of her sister Luna taking a bath, for money. Luna found out, and, well, let's just say Lina's trusted her judgment ever since. Luna's also proclaimed to be much more powerful than Lina, according to Filia in TRY #2, owing to the fact that she is the only known Knight of Ceiphied.

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