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Characters M-P

(pic) Marco
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #9

Marco is the son of one of the bigshot families in the "New World" - he knows about the family treasure and asks for Zelgadiss' and Amelia's help to bring it to his friend Sera.
(pic) Marlene Calvert
First Appearance: Slayers Gorgeous

Marlene, daughter of Lord Calvert, has an unusual affinity with dragons which allows her to control them much like pets. She also has a really neat sword, called the Sword of Chaos. Marlene is the "leader" of the group known as the Four Lords of Heaven, which is comprised of herself, her mysterious advisor Geizneau, Thornfort, and the final member, Naga the Serpent.
(pic) Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova(also Multina, Malchina)
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT #1

Martina is the spoiled princess of the Zoana Kingdom. Find out more at martina.shtml.
(pic) Mazenda
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 9

The other of the two 'hired' by Christopher to assassinate Phil, Mazenda chooses a more human-like facade for her daily communications. She traps Lina in an alternate dimension for a short time, and later casts a spell which strips Lina of her magical abilities.
(pic) Mellyroon
First Appearance: Slayers : The Motion Picture

Mellyroon is an elf girl who befriends Rowdy Gabriev on the island of Mipross, before it became an island.
(pic) Mikhail
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (story)

I don't have the first clue about Mikhail, but here's his picture, from the Slayers DX book.
(pic) Milgasia
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 20

Milgasia is one of the Gold Dragons, and is the first to greet Lina and the others as they enter the Valley of Dragons. He assists them in their battle with Seigram and Gaav.
(pic) Mimi & Nene
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 14

Lina's quest for the Clair-Bibles of knowledge led her to one long-abandoned temple, along with Mimi and Nene here. They fight to the finish, eventually resulting in Lina's claiming the Clair-Bible. Unfortunately, it's of no use to her whatsoever...
(pic) Miwan
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 17

In a small town in which there seems to be no male presence whatsoever, Zelgadiss finds himself in drag, along with the other guys. While 'disguised,' he speaks with another girl who seems to play a rather important role in the town. When she gets abducted, it's up to Zel to save her... or is it 'him?'
(pic) Mossman
First Appearance: Slayers Royal

Mossman's the first big bad guy in Slayers Royal. He is the one who originally abducted Lark's sister Rynnea.
(pic) Naga the Serpent
First Appearance: Slayers : The Motion Picture

Naga follows Lina around, sometimes a partner, sometimes a rival, but almost always doing the completely OPPOSITE of Lina. Find out more at naga.shtml.
(pic) Noonsa
First Appearance: Slayers TV 4

Noonsa is a prince among his people, and well-admired for his looks. Unfortunately for Lina, he's a walking fish, and an amorous one at that.
(pic) Philionel el di Saillune
First Appearance: Slayers TV 11

Amelia's father, Phil is the Crown Prince of Saillune, and presumably the only one trusted to take the throne after numerous assassination attempts. Phil, like his daughter, is dominated by his thirst for justice, so much that he has dedicated his life to being a pacifist. Or at least that's what he says, he acts more like a pro wrestler sometimes with moves like the 'Pacifist Crush'...
(pic) Pig
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #15

This pig keeps showing up in the oddest places. Apparently he's just a figment of Lina's imagination, from her twisted dream-scape...
(pic) Phyria (also Firia, Filia)
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #1

Filia is one of the Gold Dragon race. To find out more about her, check out filia.shtml.

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