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Characters Q-R

(pic) Raina Sanverse
First Appearance: Slayers Special #2 (story)

Raina Sanverse is the real name of a girl whose reputation precedes her. Unfortunately, it precedes her in the name of Lina Inverse instead of her own.
(pic) Randy
First Appearance: Slayers TV 11

Crown Prince Philionel's OTHER brother, Randy tried to take him out too. Isn't Saillune such a loving, nurturing environment?
Side note: The above picture is the way Randy was illustrated in the short stories, NOT the way he was illustrated in TV episode 11. Special thanks to Jussi Nikander for pointing this little tidbit out. ^_^ )
(pic) Reika
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #18

Reika is the Pink warrior of the specially-trained but fatally flawed Peaceman group.
(pic) Raoul Kremintz
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (story)

Yet another character I only know of because of Slayers DX.
(pic) Raymia
First Appearance: Slayers Special #2 (story)

Surprise! This character came from Slayers DX as well.
(pic) Remii
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (story)

OK, I do know a bit more about Remii. She loves swords, having given each of them a particular name. She also has a tendency to go into sadistic overkill when she gets in a battle...
(pic) Red Priest Rezo
First Appearance: Slayers TV 3

The Red Priest Rezo was one of the Five Wise Men of the Age; born blind at birth, he wandered the countryside performing small miracles of the faith. Later, it seems that his faith wavered a bit more towards the dark side; Zelgadiss claims him to be both his great-grandfather and his father. That, and the fact that Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu was sealed within Rezo's eyes, makes him a little bit more evil by the time Lina meets up with him.
(pic) Riol
First Appearance: Slayers Special #2 (story)

Whoa, big shocker. I don't know anything about Riol. ^_^;
(pic) Rodimus
First Appearance: Slayers TV 3

Rodimus was one of Zelgadiss' henchmen, and followed him till his early demise. Rodimus was very loyal, and persevered through every situation given him, but had a nasty habit of falling asleep at critical moments.
(pic) Rowdy Gabriev
First Appearance: Slayers : The Motion Picture

Rowdy was around when the island of Mipross wasn't yet an island. He met up with a girl named Mellyroon and they started seeing each other. They were going to go to a festival, when the island was attacked by Joylock, and the Fairy Souls of the elf village wished for the peninsula to separate from the mainland. An indeterminate time later, Rowdy shows up again in a certain sorceress' dreams...
(pic) Rubia
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 5

The beloved of Halshifom, Rubia had been killed in one of the scientist-mage's experiments. Halshifom keeps her body in stasis in hopes that one day he can find a way to resurrect her.
(pic) Ruud
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 16

Ruud enlists the awesome tennis might (cough cough) of Lina Inverse in a fight to the finish against his greatest rival, Keith! Only, it turns out that they're actually father and son...
(pic) Rynnea
First Appearance: Slayers Royal

Rynnea is an elf, and Lark's sister. She gets abducted by Mossman before the opening of the game.

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