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Characters D-F

(pic) Dan (Haketaka no Dan)
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #18

Dan is the Red warrior, and leader, of the specially-trained but fatally flawed Peaceman group.
(pic) Dark Star
First Appearance: Slayers TRY (?)

Dark Star is the primary Mazoku on the plane from which Armace came. Some are trying to bring him to the plane in which Slayers takes place, as Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu lies dormant.
(pic) Daymia (also Demia)
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 3

Daymia and Tarim have a little gang-war thing goin' on, and he hires Amelia and Zelgadiss to vandalize and/or annoy Tarim... only both of them end up in jail for making a mess in the town.
(pic) Dilgear
First Appearance: Slayers TV 3

Zelgadiss originally hired Dilgear, a werewolf-troll halfbreed, to help him out. But when Zel reneges against Rezo, Dilgear switches sides, and it ends up costing him. Dilgear's not the brightest werewolf, and often runs his mouth without thinking...
(pic) Dion
First Appearance: Slayers Royal

Dion is the malevolent badguy boss in Slayers Royal who is trying to resurrect Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu.
(pic) Diol
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (story)

This mad scientist tried to make Lina into a devastating chimera, but since she refused, he decided to make ten clones of Naga instead.
(pic) Deep-Sea Dolphin
First Appearance: (?)

Deep Sea Dolphin, residing in the Demon Sea, is one of the five subordinates to Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu.
(pic) Ellis (also Eris)
First Appearance: Slayers TV 20?

Ellis was Rezo's assistant before his demise, and dedicated much research to a particular cloning process. She eventually triumphed in creating a clone of Rezo, identical in every way including the megamaniacal take-over-the-world syndrome...
(pic) Eruk
First Appearance: Slayers TV 18

Sylphiel's father, who was killed by Copy Rezo's blast that destroyed just about more than half of Sairaag. (Special thanks to Solar Mist for the addendum)
(pic) Hellmaster Fibrizo
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 19

Fibrizo, though he looks like a small boy, is actually a very fearsome foe. He commands power over the spirits of the dead, and can take those of the living with the snap of a finger. He slaughtered the entire town of Sairaag for his own personal experiment, involving Lina and the Giga-Slave, which eventually ended in the Hellmaster's demise.
(pic) Filia (also Firia, Phyria)
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #1

Filia is one of the Golden Dragon race. To find out more about her, check out filia.shtml.

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