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Characters S-V

(pic) Sarina
First Appearance: Slayers RETURN

Sarina's village is the site for the rule of Galev's campaign. She's fairly skilled with the sword, and she doesn't know any magic, which seems to place her in the minority in the Slayers world...
(pic) Sarina's father
First Appearance: Slayers RETURN

Sarina's father doesn't know any magic either, but he just flat-out ROCKS at swordfighting.
(pic) Shutaindolf
First Appearance: Slayers Special #2 (story) / Slayers Excellent #1

Schteindolf is an ancient vampire who demands a periodic tribute of human lives from a nearby village.
(pic) Seigram
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 4

Seigram proves to be a constant source of annoyance for Lina and the others, showing up periodically to make life difficult for her. I'm not sure as to Seigram's true motivations, though it does seem that he's out to help deliver Lina to Fibrizo, as most of the other Mazoku are.
(pic) Sera
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #9

The daughter of one of the ruling houses in the "New World,", Sera knows of the family treasure and helps Lina bring it to a secluded island, where she plans to meet up with her friend Marco.
(pic) Ruby-Eye (Lord of Darkness) Shabranigdu
First Appearance: Slayers TV #8

The sole source of misery and negative emotions in the Slayers world, Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu is the superior of all other Mazoku. Defeated long ago by the Dragon King Ceiphied, Ruby-Eye was split into seven parts and scattered across the plane. A thousand years ago, one of these parts was resurrected by the Demon King of the North, but was defeated again by Ceiphied with the help of the Sea Dragon King Aqua. When Ruby-Eye awoke again, sealed within the eyes of the Red Priest Rezo, Lina Inverse was there to defeat him. Ruby-Eye's followers still attempt to resurrect him whenever they can, but with Lina around, it might be a while...
(pic) Shadow-Lina
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (OVA)

When a beam from the Shadow Reflector hit Lina, it created an exact duplicate of her. Well, exact in every regard except her personality, which was reversed. So instead of a violent, tomboyish and deceitful girl like Lina, we get a peace-loving, girlish and completely nieve counterpart.
(pic) Shadow-Naga
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (OVA)

When the Shadow Reflector hit Naga, though, it created a girl who was paralyzed with unconfidence about her appearance and actions.
(pic) Sylphiel Nels Rada (also Shillfiel)
First Appearance: Slayers TV #18

Sylphiel, a white mage from Sairaag, has an intense crush on Gourry for some reason, stemming from an event in his past. Check out sylphiel.shtml for more info.
(pic) Tarim
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 3

Tarim and Daymia start a little war in the city; Tarim hires Lina and Gourry to help him out. Doesn't work though...
(pic) Thornfort
First Appearance: Slayers Gorgeous

A sucker for cute girls, Thornfort is another of Marlene Calvert's Four Lords of Heaven.
(pic) Tsuposky
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #16

Tsuposky is the name of the spirit trapped within an arcane pot, aboard a ghost ship.
(pic) Valgarv (also Vargarv, Valgaav)
First Appearance: Slayers TRY 2

Once Lina and the crew venture out into the "new world", their new opponent turns out to be Valgarv. Though there's a lot more than meets the eye; read more about Val at valgarv.shtml.
(pic) Volfied (also Vorfeed)
First Appearance: Slayers TRY (?)

Volfied is the primary deity of the plane from which his subordinate Armace comes. Volfied's power directly opposes that of Dark Star.
(pic) Vrumugun
First Appearance: Slayers TV #12

Hired to bring Lina and Gourry back to Sairaag, Vrumugun is a fairly competent, if deathly quiet, sorcerer. He also seems to have this uncanny ability of coming back to life...

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