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Characters G-I

(pic) Chaos-Dragon (Maryuu-ou, or Evil Dragon King) Gaav
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 18

Chaos-Dragon Gaav is a brash, headstrong fighter of a god. Ruthless and rude, he always carries a sword with him and has a contemptuous laugh. He was the one who changed Valgarv into a chimeric demon-dragon halfbreed, and seeks the death of Lina Inverse. One of the five subordinates to Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, he attempted to revolt against the Demon-King of the North, some time ago, but later found his death at the hands of Hellmaster Fibrizo.
(pic) Galev
First Appearance: Slayers RETURN

Galev intends to conquer the world, and to that end he has created the organization known as Xain. His wife left him, running off with the kids, wishing simply to live life from the dictate of the heart. But, as Naga puts it, "In other words, [he] formed it as a hobby and failed miserably."
(pic) Garia Einberg
First Appearance: Slayers GREAT

Legendary golem craftsman. Initially opposes building golems for the purpose of fighting, but is convinced otherwise once hearing of a golem competition. His craftsmanship tends towards super-deformed figures, which leads to hilarious results. He's the father of Laia and Huey.
(pic) Geizneau
First Appearance: Slayers Gorgeous

Along with Marlene herself, one of the Four Lords of Heaven (Shitennou). A dragon in disguise, he became allied with Marlene to bring about the downfall of Lord Calvert.
(pic) Gen
First Appearance: Slayers TRY #18

Gen is the Blue warrior of the specially-trained but fatally flawed Peaceman group.
(pic) Glavos (also Grabos)
First Appearance: Slayers TRY 2

Ever since being helped by Valgarv so many years ago, Glavos has been a loyal servant. Brash and headstrong, Glavos is more of a strongarm grunt when it comes to duty, but he never wavers in his dedication to Valgarv.
(pic) Gourry Gabriev
First Appearance: Slayers TV #1

Gourry's been Lina's companion ever since he first met her. To find out more about the blond swordsman, stop by gourry.shtml.
(pic) Lord Granion
First Appearance: Slayers GREAT

One of two lords attempting to gain power of a golem-producing city, with the intent of conquering a kingdom with the golems produced there. Employs Huey Einberg and Naga to oppose his counterpart, Lord Heissen.
(pic) Dynast Grauscherra
First Appearance: (?)

Dynast Grauscherra, residing near the North Pole, is another of the five subordinates to Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu.
(pic) Grenahz
First Appearance: Slayers Special #3 (story)

I don't know anything about Grenahz, except that he looks pretty cool. More information is available in Slayers DX.
(pic) Hallas Lyes
First Appearance: Slayers TV 16

The only son of the Lyes family, the richest family in a small town en route to Sairaag, Hallas is arranged to marry the daughter of his stepmother Carrie. To get out of his predicament, he has to find a suitable bride within one week's time; luckily he runs into Lina... maybe not lucky for Carrie, let's just say that.
(pic) Halshifom (also Halciform)
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 4

Halshifom, from the town in which Daymia and Tarim hail, is rumored to be a dark scientist who toys with biology. He supposedly was the cause for the purple goop which coated the town; it all seems to have been experimentation in search of a cure for his beloved Rubia.
(pic) Lord Heissen
First Appearance: Slayers GREAT

One of two lords attempting to gain power of a golem-producing city, with the intent of conquering a kingdom with the golems produced there. (Really!) Has a mouth chock full of gold teeth. Employs Garia Einberg and Lina to oppose his counterpart, Lord Granion.
(pic) Hyui Einberg
First Appearance: Slayers GREAT

Son of legendary golem craftsman Garia Einberg, much to their mutual disgust. Unlike his father, his golems are generally studies in female anatomy. Creates the golem "Grand Goddess", a twenty-story rock behemoth which looks all too much like Naga.

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