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Characters X-Z

(pic) Xelloss
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT #2

Xelloss is a Mazoku priest who shows up occasionally to irritate Lina and the others. Find out more about this secretive guy at xelloss.shtml.
(pic) Zahaad
First Appearance: Slayers RETURN

Zahaad is one of the few members of the Xain organization headed by Galev. A fairly good swordsman, he doesn't seem to be all that bright and just, basically, a flunkie.
(pic) Zangulus
First appearance: Slayers TV #13

Zangulus is the wielder of the mystic Howling Sword. Zangulus is a mercenary swordsman, insisting on challenging Gourry Gabriev at every opportunity. Even though he is often against the party, he has a strong sense of honor and often ends up helping them.
(pic) Zazan
First Appearance: Slayers NEXT 10

Zazan is a minor Mazoku who provides a bit of a nuisance for Lina and Martina.
(no pic) Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium
First Appearance: (?)

Zelas-Metallium, residing on Wolf Pack Island, is one of the five subordinates to Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu. Unlike the other four, she has given her Priest, Xelloss, the additional military capabilities of a General. Her intentions and motivations are not quite clear, but her war with the other Mazoku shows no sign of abating any time soon.
Side note: Zelas-Metallium, like most Mazoku Lords, commonly uses one of two forms, a beast form and a humanoid form. Pictured is the beast form.
(pic) Zelgadiss Graywords
First Appearance: Slayers TV #2

Zelgadiss is a chimaera - in his case, 1/3 Mazoku, 1/3 golem, and 1/3 human. Find out more about him at zelgadiss.shtml.
(pic) Zolf
First Appearance: Slayers TV 2

When Lina shows up at the Dragon's Fang to claim her treasure, she fireballs the place - with Zolf in it. Known for a short time as the 'Mummy Man,' Zolf eventually joins Lina's side...
(pic) Zoom
First Appearance: ???

I don't have a CLUE where Zoom comes from, there seems to be even less information on him than there are about the other characters I saw in Slayers DX...
(pic) Zorom
First Appearance: Slayers TV 7

Zorom is the first true Mazoku we encounter in the Slayers anime, and it is from his conversation with Rezo that we learn of the Mazoku hunger for human fear and hatred.

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